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Making of a Strong Reputation for an Industrial Company

Hirschfeld Steel is one of the largest fabricators of steel bridges, structural, industrial, and nuclear projects in North America. When they were ready to change their name to Hirschfeld Industries, they need more than just a name change.

Our initial assignment was to design and create a new website but we quickly determined that they needed more than just a new website and we gave their brand an overhaul. First, we looked at their strengths, which lie in their reputation as a top steel fabricator. But their dated marketing materials did not reflect this. We then looked at their core competitors and helped position Hirschfeld Industries apart from them.

The result was a combination of work that includes a refined logo, logo standards for all divisions of Hirschfeld Industries, stationery system, brochures, sales presentation, advertising, onhold phone message, website, and even an e-mail to announce the launch of their new website.