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Professional Services

Branding a 40-Year Legacy

For the past 40 years, CCA (Communication Counsel of America) has helped leading national and multi-national organizations use open, honest, and forceful communication to navigate high-risk challenges and achieve high-stakes objectives. However, CCA’s old identity did not reflect that legacy.

In order to create a new identity that reflects the depth of the CCA brand, we needed to understand how CCA thinks and talks and become one of them. We began by asking strategic questions about CCA and then listening to their input to help guide us in our development of a brand prototype. Due to the nature of their business, carefully articulated words were critical in communicating the CCA brand and its services.

Using the brand prototype as a foundation, we then created a new visual identity for CCA which included a new logo, stationery system, print collateral (handouts, note cards, pocket folder, binder), and website.

The end results gave CCA a new identity that truly reflects the legacy they have built in the past 40 years.