• Announcement E-mail #1
  • Landing Page
  • Announcement E-mail #2
  • Business Card
  • PowerPoint Template
  • Corporate Brochure (cover)
  • Corporate Brochure (inside)
  • Corporate Brochure (inside)
  • Services Sheets


Transforming a Digital Marketing Effort

When Emerald Transformers wanted to make a spark about the new company formation, we knew it would take more than an e-mail to get powerful results.

To be purposeful in our marketing effort, we studied their industry and developed a detailed brand message architecture document that would communicate the core messages of why the new company is formed and what the benefits are.

With a detailed brand message architecture laid out, we then designed and put together a digital e-mail campaign to announce the new company. The e-mail is linked to a landing page that gives a big picture on Emerald Transformer and its service offerings. To fully establish a fresh brand identity for Emerald Transformer, we took the existing logo and created a digital letterhead, PowerPoint template, and new business cards.

After the first e-mail announcement was sent out, we achieved a 25% open rate. And out of the 25%, nearly 40% clicked on the e-mail that redirects to the landing page.