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Constructing One Cohesive Brand

Although the three entities of the ACC family of companies were operating indepently, the relationship between the three companies operating as the new ACC Companies brand had to be articulated, both visually and verbally, through a new website.

To ensure the new ACC Companies website has a solid foundation, we began digging in the process by working with the core executive team on a brand strategy exercise. From there, we developed a new messaging and positioning platform that drove all content development, information architecture, and design for the new website.

As a result, the new ACC Companies website communicates the company’s unique value proposition (UVP) through its messaging and the UVP is reinforced by the design and user experience as well.


“We had a difficult job of combining three entities into one with a new, common brand. The Bronson Ma Creative team quickly assimilated the information needed to articulate our new identity and its positioning in the marketplace. Then, they did a fantastic job in developing a website design with a messaging methodology that clearly articulated the new ACC brand.” – David Mathews, CEO