eTip #53

Using Videos in Marketing – What to Watch for

Data tells us that the increased use of videos in marketing is not only something to watch for, but to implement as part of your overall marketing strategy. According to HubSpot, video in an email leads to a 200-300% increase in click-through-rates. Including video on a landing page can increase conversion by 80%. These are just some of the conversion rates video can do for your brand. When videos are done right, it can be very powerful and should be a part of your overall marketing tools.

Let’s talk about a high-level view of using videos for marketing. To break it down, the following are the general types of videos used for marketing purposes:
1. Presentation/Promotional
2. Testimonial
3. Company Culture
4. Explainer

For this discussion, let’s focus specifically on explainer videos. An explainer video can be used in different marketing funnel stages such as awareness, engagement, nurture, and active-sales. The video will play a different role in each of the stages and an explainer video can simplify explanation or benefits of a complex product, service, or process that words and pictures alone or combined cannot.

Check out these examples of explainer videos:

In order for an explainer video to be effective, the following needs to happen:
1. Videos should be short (2 minutes max and 60 seconds ideal).
2. Use animated elements combined with voice over when real footage is not required (or combined with stock video footage).
3. When developing the script, incorporate the what, who, why, and how.
4. Follow the brand’s style guidelines so the look-and-feel is cohesive with the overall brand identity system.
5. How the video will be distributed and used in marketing or in a campaign (emails, landing page, blog, website, events, etc.).

If you have not considered using videos as part of your marketing mix, now is the time to stop watching for the next “thing” in your marketing tool belt and start engaging your audience with a video.


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