eTip #48

Rebrand Is More Than a Facelift

When organizations are thinking about rebranding, it is often associated with visual identity, look-and-feel, and messaging. The truth is, updating these things is merely a facelift.

A true rebranding goes deeper and it starts with evaluating the company’s unique value proposition (UVP) which should be accompanied by developing a brand strategy. Sometimes, the organization’s UVP is strong, but poorly communicated or reflected through its identity, look-and-feel, and messaging. In that case, a brand strategy can help bring out the company’s UVP through research, target audience profiles, competitive landscape and SWOT analysis, brand promise, positioning statement, and messaging platform.

Rebranding requires internal transformation of an organization. That transformation needs to be tangible to the organization’s audiences in various brand touch points during pre-sales, sales, and post-sales. If a company updates its visual identity, look-and-feel, and messaging without changing the way their brand is experienced, then it is just a facelift that often lacks substance behind it.

A refreshed identity, look-and-feel, and messaging should be the reflection of the rebranding, not the other way around.


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