eTip #42

How to Develop Effective Newsletters

When developing newsletters, companies and organizations often try too hard and the newsletter ends up becoming a piece for advertising and self-promotion rather than a newsletter. To ensure your newsletters are informative and reinforce your brand, follow these pointers below:

Newsletters Should Be About News
That’s what newsletter are for – news. They are not a sales piece to advertise. Newsletters should be informative and engaging. It should address your audience’s needs. If your readers look forward to receiving your newsletter, you are on the right track.

Well Organized Content
Regardless of whether your newsletter is 2 pages or 16 pages long, the content should be well organized and the readers should be able to recognize some consistency in terms of subject matter from issue to issue. Think of it as a magazine in which there are articles in each issue under the same subject matter. This way your readers can easily identify the articles they want to read by the arrangement and layout of various stories.

Show Variety While Maintaining Consistency
In terms of layout and design, the layout of the newsletter should have some variety while maintaining consistency in design (typefaces, sizes, colors, columns, etc.). When your readers flip from one page to another, it should not be exactly the same layout, but rather a different layout based on the same grid and look-and-feel.

Use Visuals and Images
While content is important, people are typically drawn to visuals. Use visuals and images to draw your readers toward each story. Vary the sizes of images to create hierarchy in the layout which can help the readers to know which articles are more important.

Don’t forget your newsletter is an extension of your overall brand. What you say and how it looks should be consistent with your overall brand message. When different extensions of your brand are working together, it can make a powerful impact.


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