eTip #34

10 Things I Know for Sure

10 is considered the ultimate number, the number of completeness. When you reach 10, one cycle is viewed as complete and the next cycle is ready to begin. As we enter a new decade, we would like to share with you 10 insights written by a veteran communication consultant that we partner with as she celebrates the ten year anniversary of her communications consulting business.

What I Know for Sure

1) Strategic communications activities should help you reach a vision, not just reflect where you are today

2) All organizations and all people can benefit from a brand strategy exercise

3) Messaging should focus on an organization’s attributes, differentiation, positioning and benefits

4) To be truly effective, messaging must always be clear, consistent and comprehensive

5) People’s perceptions are real and they matter

6) Members of most executive teams are not on the same page about what their organization stands for – and don’t even describe the company the same way

7) Most companies talk only about “what” they do; they don’t realize “how” they do it is what really counts

8) The Nebraska Cornhuskers always lose if I hang the team flag up on game day

9) Celebrate your successes; if you don’t, no one else will

10) Thank your clients and then thank them again

Mary Lynn Coyle is a strategic corporate branding and communications consultant based in Dallas. She has directed communications strategies and projects in more than 20 countries and her programs have won almost 50 international, national and local communications awards. She can be reached at 214.706.6939 or by visiting


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