eTip #23

New Year Re:solutions

The beginning of a new year is a perfect time to set goals such as staying healthy and fit. To achieve those goals you need a plan. In the same way, your marketing communications program needs a plan to stay healthy and fit. This month we have three tips to ensure that your marketing communications program is off to a good start.

Focus on Specific Goals
With diet and exercise, staying focused on specific goals in your plan is important. In the same way, you need to stay focused on specific marketing goals in your plan. What are you trying to achieve through your marketing communications program? Do you want to bring in new customers, retain current customers, or drive traffic to the website? Set up specific goals rather than general goals and find ways to measure the results.

Form a Plan Tailored for You
In the same way that everyone’s body requires a unique fitness program, your organization also requires a unique approach to achieving its marketing objectives. One company may have great success with their direct mail campaign. However, it does not mean a direct mail campaign is the right solution for you. Tailor a strategic marketing communications program that works best for your goals.

Frequent and Often
If you want to see results with your fitness program, it is not always how hard you exercise each time, but rather how consistent and frequent you are with your program. In the same way, your marketing communications program will only work if you are consistent and stick to it. Placing an ad or sending out a direct mail piece once is not going to bring the results you want. Your plan must involve an approach that is executed often.

Now that you have gained some insight on how to keep your marketing communications program healthy and fit, find out what we can do to help you stay on track with your marketing goals.


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