eTip #18

Effective Advertising Is More Than Exposure

The best advertising campaign in the world is worthless if the right people do not see or hear it at the right time. That is why it is important to ensure that time, effort and thoughts are spent on developing a strategic media plan. For this month’s eTip, we interviewed Joyce Fritz, an advertising consultant specializing in media services, to talk about how to ensure your advertising campaign gains maximum ROI.

BMC: How long have your been a media planner and buyer and how did you get started?

Fritz: I started my career as an Assistant Media Planner at a large New York City advertising agency in the ‘70’s. I worked on a variety of national consumer brands, and got wonderful exposure to planning a range of media, including television, radio, magazines, newspapers and billboards. It was great training to be able to access state-of-the-art research to provide rationale for media decisions. This pre-dated PC’s, so all the numbers were crunched by hand, using calculators and accounting paper.

BMC: What should a company consider when selecting media for advertising?

Fritz: A company should provide their advertising agency and media strategist with as much direction as possible. If the information is not available, then an agreement should be reached regarding key elements of the plan. That includes:

  • Target audience(s) – who are your best prospects?
    Geographic considerations – are you available nationally, regionally, locally?
  • Seasonality and timing – when is your product/service considered for purchase and when bought?
  • Competitive considerations – where, when and how much are your competitors spending?
  • Creative considerations – does the product need to be seen or explained in detail?
  • Budget – how much will be spent on media (not including production costs) and over how long a period of time?

BMC: How and when should a company evaluate their current media placements?

Fritz: Once a plan is approved and implemented, there should be a continuous dialogue with the ad agency and media team. If results are measurable, then that information should be shared. Over time, the media programs can be fine-tuned and improved.

BMC: What is the most common mistake you have seen companies make when it comes to media decisions in advertising?

Fritz: It is usually related to a company having unrealistic expectations about what their advertising and media buys can accomplish. Sometimes it is expected that the phone will start to ring off the hook or traffic will dramatically increase the moment a campaign begins. Occasionally that will occur, but it is not the norm. Typically, a program takes time to build and requires multiple exposures. And it is not unusual for a company to set a media budget that is unrelated to what that company is trying to accomplish. If the budget is insufficient, then the goals need to be modified accordingly.

BMC: Last words of wisdom in regard to media in advertising

Fritz: When it comes to media, I believe that media planning and buying is partly an art and partly a science – there are no absolute right ways of doing things. In my experience, the most successful client campaigns occur when all the parties communicate with each other so that everyone knows and understands the common goals. This includes all the key players at the client’s company, as well as the members of the advertising team – including account executives, media planners/buyers and creatives.


Joyce Fritz is an independent advertising consultant specializing in media services. Based in Plano, Texas, she has 30 years of experience working with advertising agencies, public relations firms and clients to help them maximize their media dollar investments. Her media expertise covers a wide variety of businesses including consumer services, retail, package goods and business-to-business. She has handled all varieties of print and broadcast media. Strategic planning is her particular strength. She can be reached at 972.713.9211 or at


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