eTip #12

Putting Your PowerPoint Presentations to Work

If you are reading this article, you have probably created a PowerPoint presentation for work. Unfortunately, we have seen more bad and boring PowerPoint presentations than we care to. So, how do you enhance your presentations by using PowerPoint? Here are a few pointers:

You Are the Captain
No matter how nice or slick your PowerPoint presentation is, you are still the presenter. You are ultimately in control of the pace of the presentation and making sure your audience is captivated.

Start with a Strong Intro
Giving a PowerPoint presentation is like giving a speech. Start by bringing the audience close to your subject by helping them relate to what you have to say. Try engaging your audience with the slide on the screen while they wait for the presentation to start.

Keep Each Slide Brief
Your audience will try to listen and read your PowerPoint slides at the same time. Make sure your slides enhance what you have to say. Keep each slide brief so your audience is not too busy reading and not listening to what you have to say.

Make sure point size is readable
This seems like an obvious point, but make sure your audience can read the text on each slide. Make sure point size is at least 18 pt.

Colors Matter
Generally, dark backgrounds with light text are easier on the eyes when projected. Do not use too many colors and make sure colors are consistent from slide to slide and adhere to your company’s corporate color palette.

Limit Animations and Sounds
PowerPoint does give you the ability to animate and add sounds, but use them strategically. Too much of it could become distracting and your audience could become fixated on that.

Close Strong
Just like a speech, the closing is one of the most important parts to a well done PowerPoint presentation. Make sure you don’t leave your audience hanging and give them something to ponder on. Contact information is also a good thing to have on the last slide.


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