eTip #11

Is Your Sales Collateral Making the Sale?

Scenario #1
Your meeting with a prospective customer went very well. After the meeting, you left behind some sales collateral. Will the sales collateral be reviewed or trashed and never to be seen again? Better yet, will the sales collateral support everything you discussed at the meeting?

Scenario #2
Your company has a booth at an industry trade show. There are hundreds of companies represented at the trade show. Will your sales collateral become just another “brochure” attendees pick up at the trade show?

If you are serious about your business or products, you cannot afford to give a bad impression from your sales collateral. Here are some tips to make sure your sales collateral are doing the work for you:

Flexibility Is Key
One size does not fit all. This applies to your sales collateral and it needs to have flexibility. Perhaps your sales collateral is a pocket folder with some background information about your company, products, or services, but uses individual sale sheets inserted behind the pocket to address specific capabilities. Create insert shells like letterheads so you can update information quickly and still keep a consistent look-and-feel.

Make It a Keeper
Think about how your customer will store the piece. Create a piece that can be used to store more paperwork from your company in the future. Make sure your piece stands out from other sales collateral and helps make filing easy and simple.

Tell a Story
Make sure your sales collateral tells a story. It doesn’t have to tell the whole story, but just enough for them to understand what you are offering. Use your website for more comprehensive information.

Keep It Updated
If you have a news release in your sales collateral that is two years old – get rid of it! Make sure your sales collateral gives the impression that your company or products are up-to-speed with current market situations.

Consistency, Consistency, Consistency
You get the point. Be sure your sales collateral materials are consistent with your brand identity and messaging. Inconsistency in your sales and marketing materials can communicate your company does not have it together.


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