eTip #8

The Perfect Match – How to Hire Creative Services

“Beauty is beyond skin deep” – this old saying applies to creative and design services also. When you are evaluating a creative firm for hire, you have to look beyond the work. This eTip will help you match up with the right creative firm. Below are some useful questions to ask when hiring creative and design services:

How does the firm like to work?
Am I clear on the process of how the firm will handle my project? What can I expect during the process? How do we communicate? How and when do I see concepts and approve each step? At what point am I involved in the process?

What experience does the firm have?
It is important that the firm has experience in your industry, but it is not critical. Having done work in your industry brings familiarity, but some clients find that a firm without prior experience, or preconceptions brings a whole new perspective that will help differentiate you from your competitors.

Does the Firm Understand Print and Web?
Finding a firm that does both print and Web work well is not easy. The key here is finding out how the firm thinks in the overall creative and strategic process. Can the firm translate something from print to Web consistently and still keep the same message and design? Print requires different thinking and printing knowledge than Web. It is far too risky to leave it in the hands of a firm that does only Web design.

Does the firm understand the business side?
Sure, you are hiring a firm for their creativity and design. However, if they do not understand the project from a strategic angle, the work will not be on target and it will communicate the wrong message to your customers. Make sure the firm/designer has a good grasp of the business side and offers solutions that are strategically thought out.

Who are some of the firm’s clients?
Who are some of the current and past clients the firm has worked with? What was the experience like working with those companies? Ask for names and references to ensure creditability.

Is there chemistry between you and the firm?
The bottom line is, you want to work with someone who is good at what they do, someone you can count on, and someone who is easy to work with. If you like the work and can answer “yes” to all of these questions, then you have probably found your match!

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