eTip #6

Getting The Most Out of Your Website

Riding a motorcycle can be a thrill. And if you take the skills you learned from riding a bicycle to riding a motorcycle, you will find riding a motorcycle requires additional skills, even though some of the principles are the same. Similarly, a website can do what no other print medium can in marketing when you use it strategically to maximize its potential. It has a different set of wheels that interacts with your customers in a whole new way. Have you thought about these aspects of a website and what it can do?

Organic navigation
Users can experience a website organically – meaning they can navigate from one section to another from different points throughout the site without having to go back to the beginning. You have influence on how they enter and exit each page. Are you getting them where you want them to be, quickly and efficiently?

For your eyes, ears, and mind
Audio, video, motions, RSS feeds, podcasts, and blogs are all tools available to the Web but not print. They can have a very powerful impact on your audience in the way you communicate to them. Are you engaging your audience with the such tools?

Get discovered
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and cross-linking to other websites can help users find your website quickly and strategically. Utilize the power of the Web and link your site to others when appropiate. Only link to websites that have revelant shared content. How visible is your website?

Two is better than one
Why not combine the power of print and Web? You can track and analyze direct response by directing your audience to a specific URL on your website through call-to-action on your print piece. Make the power of print and Web work for you. Are you tracking visitors to your website and getting them to contact you?

These are just a few thoughts on maximizing your website’s potential. Each company is unique and must go through a thorough assessment of their website and marketing goals and continue to evaluate objectives and results.

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