eTip #3

Junk Mail or Direct Mail?

Are you getting the responses you want from your direct mail campaign? How do you make sure your direct mail does not end up as junk mail? In this issue, we will discuss the difference between junk mail and direct mail.

Junk Mail – Too many messages and images.
Direct Mail – Focuses on the key message and only uses visuals that enhance the message and concept.

Junk Mail – Looks like every other piece of direct mail or too much like your competitor’s piece.
Direct Mail – Stands out from the rest of the mail. Extra large or odd size, textured paper stock, unusual folds, etc.

Junk Mail – Too busy. Too much copy. No clear goals.
Direct Mail – Simple, clean, to the point. Objectives are clearly defined.

Junk Mail – Sent to a title.
Direct Mail – Sent to a specific person.

Junk Mail – Message is too generic.
Direct Mail – Message speaks specifically to your audience about their needs.

Junk Mail – Tries to sell.
Direct Mail – Generates interest or action for an opportunity to sell.

Remember, the purpose of direct mail is to reach your target directly; it is more direct than advertising. Be specific about the purpose of the piece and what your audience should do with it!

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